Almost one in five take a packed lunch to work

New figures from Abbey will have those who use their garden and greenhouse to grow their own food smiling with satisfaction.

According to the data, 17 per cent more people are taking their own lunch to work to save money.

Gardeners who grow their own food will save even more cash as not only will they not be paying for expensive meals while at work, bringing a packed lunch grown in their garden or greenhouse means that they can eat for next to nothing.

Abbey credit cards boss Callum Gibson explained the financial downturn is causing people to show more ingenuity in how they save money.

"The current economic climate means that people are looking to make cutbacks where they can to make their money go further," he said.

Figures from the study have shown that although 56 per cent of Brits have cut back on eating out, the average household is spending an extra £50.96 on groceries every month.

Crops like potatoes, onions and tomatoes can all be grown in the garden, while peppers and chillies can be grown in the greenhouse to save money.