Allotments Under Threat From Developers

The National Society for Allotment Gardeners (NSALG) have reported an increase in phone calls from allotment owners worried about their land being handed over to developers.

The organisation was set up to protect and advise allotment holders, has seen a huge increase in phone calls over threats to allotment land. In the past they would receive one call a month regarding threats to allotment land. Spokeswoman Georgie Willock describes the worrying new trend;

“Last year we noticed that this had increased. We were getting at least one call a week about potential development of sites. Now, it is closer to one a day.”

The need for new affordable housing is one significant factor, with another being the lure of investment by big supermarket chains. Many local councils are feeling the pinch of the economic situation, and may see this kind of investment as a way of creating jobs and improving housing conditions.

Allotments were initially created in the 1800’s as an antidote to urban sprawl, and therefore many occupy centrally located, prime pieces of land, and provide a haven for both people and wildlife in an otherwise cluttered urban environment.

If your allotment is under threat you can contact NSALG here:

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