Allotment advice

Those horticultural enthusiasts eager to grow their own produce either on an allotment or in their own garden have been given advice from expert Helen Yemm.

Writing in her blog at online resource the Daily Telegraph, Ms Yemm suggests that first-timers should control any perennial weeds before any permanent plants such as soft fruit are planted.

She adds that it is also unwise to try and clear an entire plot in one season and that there is "no shame" in covering areas that have not been tamed with plastic or earth until they have been dealt with.

Ms Yemm suggests that potatoes are a good crop to plant first, adding that short rows of different things at intervals throughout the season as this prevents a glut of one type of produce from being created.

Concluding, she states that a garden shed, no matter how small, is a must.

Meanwhile, Ann Ashworth, columnist for the Times recently stated that home allotments are becoming an increasingly popular sight around the UK.