Allergy-free garden on display at Chelsea Flower Show

Hay fever sufferers wanting to enjoy some time in the garden may wish to take note at a design on display at the Chelsea Flower Show that is said to be allergy free.

The recent warmer weather may have left more allergy victims struggling with itchy noses, but Olivia Kirk of KKE Architects may have come up with an answer.

She has created her design for the University of Worcester, with the aim of allowing it to appeal to all students between lectures as a place to sit and relax, regardless of whether they suffer with any allergies.

According to the Daily Telegraph, Ms Kirk is aiming to work alongside a research unit at the university which specifically focuses on conditions including hay fever and asthma.

Foliage plants have been widely used in the garden to help provide the end result, while insect pollinated flowers, such as irises and peonies, also feature.

She told the BBC: "As a rule of thumb, if the flower is insect-pollinated, you are absolutely fine, apart from a few exceptions.

"If its wind pollinated, the pollen is designed to be buoyant and it stays in the air a lot longer, but with insect-pollinated flowers, when the insect has done its job, the pollen is heavy and falls to the ground."