Albuquerque garden advice

Albuquerque, New Mexico, residents who do not have room for a garden and greenhouse can still grow their own fruit and vegetables, it has been claimed.

According to the Daily Lobo, those short of green space can either rent a garden bed in a community plot or buy a produce box from a local farm.

Facilities such as the Harwood Art Centre run community sites, which let garden and greenhouse enthusiasts use the beds for $25 per season.

Community planner for the centre Wade Patterson told the newspaper that the scheme began as an expansion of a metropolitan redevelopment plan, with funding coming from grants and bed rentals.

"Weve managed to fill the plot every year. We also, with some funding, purchased two 275-gallon water catchment storage devices (for watering the beds)," he said. "Water has been our biggest challenge."

Another option is to pay a membership to a local scheme such as the Community Supported Agriculture programme.

This involves residents paying a membership fee of around $500 per season, which finances a local farm, where they can pick up one box of fresh produce per week.

Meanwhile, has suggested that urban residents without a garden or greenhouse try container gardening.