Alan Titchmarsh says that gardening is not for drop outs

Young people that are unemployed are missing out as a result of the public view of gardening and lack of support from the government for horticulture in schools and colleges, according to Alan Titchmarsh.

Titchmarsh recently criticised the Prime Minister for saying that gardening was not a skill.

The expert gardener’s recent comments came after a poll from the Royal Horticultural Society found that 70% of 18-year-olds that were questioned said that they believed gardening is for people that have no skills and have failed academically.

He added that the government should be doing more to help young people to get into horticulture.

“There are now over one million under-25s out of work, so why is the Government not doing more to help funnel skilled young people into a sector where there are opportunities?” he said.

“Through studying horticulture you could end up organising some of the most creative, artistic events in the world or as a scientist working on drought solutions for horticulture.

“But students aren’t seeing the link between their science, art or design courses and jobs on offer in horticulture. We need to act now to change perceptions and ensure our children grow up with a greater respect for and love of the tremendous natural riches that surround them in a country that can boast the best gardens and the finest gardening tradition in the world.”