Advice on transplanting trees and shrubs

We are now well into October and now is the time to start thinking about moving any trees and shrubs you would like relocated.

According to the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS), deciduous plants should be moved during their dormant phase from late October to mid-March, while evergreens should only be transplanted during October or March when the soil is slightly warmer.

However, successfully relocating a plant is not easy and more established varieties will struggle with the stress of the move.

The rosa, magnolia, cytisus and cistus are all examples of species that hate to be moved and the RHS advised that growers seek expert help when it comes to mature plants.

Transplantation should be done on a calm, dull day to prevent the roots from drying out and older trees or shrubs should be specially prepared before the move.

Once the replanting has occurred, aftercare is essential to help the vegetation succeed and plants should be well watered, with a thick mulch of organic matter applied to trap moisture and suppress weeds.

The RHS also suggested that now is a good time of year to bed in new lawns.