Advice on gardening courses from Bunny Guinness

Gardeners have been receiving advice on which type of gardening lessons to go for if they wish to boost their skill.

While you can learn a lot in your own garden and greenhouse, the excellently-named Bunny Guinness wrote in the Daily Telegraph that a gardening course may be just the ticket to help take things to the next level.

From learning individual skills like how to use a chainsaw to becoming an expert in a particular field, there are courses to suit everyone.

Ms Guinness suggests someone looking to turn their career into a hobby should consider a three year part-time course.

Conversely, many people take gardening lessons in order to make friends with similar interests.

The level of commitment should be dictated by how seriously the gardener wishes to take the course, according to Ms Guinness.

She advises that the Centre for Alternative Technology offers short courses in growing your own veg and eco gardening, while the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) offers more in depth college courses.

There are even bursaries available to those taking courses run by the RHS.