Accessorising your greenhouse with Gabriel Ash

It is important that your greenhouse is kept at its best in order to help your plants thrive. Gabriel Ash offer a wide range of items such as heaters and vents that will help you to provide your plants with everything they need in order to thrive. There is also a selection of the finest potting trays and seed trays, which are not only great for your plants, but also keep your greenhouse looking attractive.

Keeping your greenhouse tidy will provide a better atmosphere for your plants. If your greenhouse is cluttered, then this not only prevents your plants from having room to grow, but also makes your greenhouse look unappealing. Regular clearouts can help you to keep your greenhouse at its best and reduce the risk of attracting pests and diseases, which could harm your plants.

A watering can is an essential item for keeping your plants at their best. There are many good quality watering cans available that will keep your plants healthy. Many are now available in a smaller design, which is handy for keeping your greenhouse tidy and providing more space for your plants.

As some plants require extra light or heat, it may be worth installing extra lighting and heating for the colder months, particularly if you are planning to grow tropical plants or desert type plants such as cacti. There are window blinds available, which are ideal for keeping your plants cool during summer.

Checking your greenhouse regularly will allow you to ensure that your plants are kept healthy and also make your garden a safer environment. Unclean glass will prevent your plants from receiving the right amount of natural sunlight and shattered or cracked panes may be a potential safety hazard and will need replacing straight away.

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