A new look as good as a new home

While many Brits would love to move house, the housing market doesnt look promising at the moment meaning that for some, the best bet is to change things in their current home.

Changing how the home looks can give it an injection of vitality and adding a conservatory can underpin that new look feeling, according to Warmseal Windows operations director Paul Jennison.

"If youre short on space, why not consider adding a conservatory to create an extra room?" he asks while writing for homemaker.co.uk.

"Theyre versatile, and can be used for whatever purpose you want – an extension for entertaining, a dining room to provide the perfect setting for a dinner party, a relaxing living area to watch that favourite film or sports event, a light and airy study/office, a bright and sunny breakfast room or simply a place to cosy up on a winters day with a book."

Recent figures from Egg also show that adding a conservatory can add an extra £11,000 to the value of a home.