A look at Logans Glasshouse

The Independent on Saturday described the London home of British glass artist Andrew Logan.

The interior "space is vast and calm", it says, "but surfaces are a riot of colour".

Mr Logan enlisted the help of his partner; architect Michael Davis, to erect a giant glass roof over the top of an old garage adjacent to his flat, creating two extra rooms.

He has a balcony overlooking the glasshouse, which serves as a living room, party venue and Mr Logans workshop.

Mr Davis spoke of the reasoning behind the vivid colours used to decorate the inside of his glasshouse.

"Shortly after we bought the place we went to Mexico for the first time and it blew our minds," he told the paper.

"We also realised that if you have a glass roof you cant really paint the walls white – its just too glaring.

"Painting the walls bright colours absorbs some of the light and it has the added bonus that it is reflected in all the glass and mirror in the studio."

Glasswork in building design has become an important design tool, allowing homeowners to personalise their homes with style.