A great glass dining room

Many homeowners face a problem when deciding which room to designate for dining.

While the living room may be ok for the odd TV dinner, and the kitchen perfectly suitable for breakfast and informal meals, it is nice to have a designated dining room when entertaining.

In the absence of a separate room, some may consider using a conservatory or lean-to.

This allows the diners access to the rest of the house, while providing a lovely view of the garden while they eat.

It also protects diners from the elements in a way that eating on an exposed deck does not.

With conservatories coming in many different shapes and sizes, it would be useful to have a table that can be folded away or extended as necessary.

Dependant on the style of the conservatory, a sleek metal and glass table or a solid oak or hardwood table could both compliment the surroundings.

Classic conservatory designs will benefit from more rustic décor, while more modern versions will work well with a table of similar materials.