A good starter idea for budding gardeners

Growing cress in the greenhouse can be a great way to get children interested in gardening, as its quick, easy and produces fast results.

Get hold of a pot to grow the cress in, and draw a face on the side, wrapping the pot in white paper if it isnt already white.

This can be more fun for children as it lends the effect of a head growing hair.

Fill the pot with something soft and absorbent, like cotton wool or kitchen towel, and moisten it with water. Keep filling the pot until its full to the brim with moist material.

Either mustard or cress seeds can be used with the same effect, so get some seeds and then sprinkle them across the moist cotton wool or kitchen towel.

Then place the pot somewhere warm to induce the best growing conditions.

Cress and mustard grows fast, so within only a day or two the seeds will begin to sprout and the pot will begin to grow a full head of hair.