A glass river time capsule

A glass artwork features prominently in a scheme unveiled today aimed at improving the town of Prudhoe.

Glass is becoming a popular tool in art and design, with recent advances meaning it can be manipulated in different ways and for different means than before.

The glass sculpture, called Glade, is intended to act as a sort of time capsule as it features the engraved words and phrases of the people of Prudhoe in 2008.

The wave design is clad with vertical oak posts said to symbolise trees by the side of a river of glass.

Prudhoe artists Ira Lightman and Dan Civico designed the piece and Mr Civico explained the intentions in its design.

"We wanted to create something which was a bold design with a strong identity but was executed with subtlety and consideration for its environment," he said.

Glade is part of a £600,000 scheme, aimed at improving Prudhoe, that will see other pieces of artwork and oak benches installed in the town centre.

Homeowners are also awakening to the benefits of glass in design, with many opting for glazed canopies and lean-tos as a means of improving the home.