8 Best Greenhouse Accessories

If you are a greenhouse owner, you will know how important this garden structure is to protect your precious plants and seedlings from the elements and pests. If your greenhouse needs a makeover, or you are thinking of adding some new elements to increase its effectiveness, here are eight of the best accessories.


Shelving is an essential part of any greenhouse and can often be easily installed by anyone comfortable with basic DIY. Shelving opens up your greenhouse and provides a lot more space for your plants, equipment and gardening paraphernalia. The size and type of shelving you need will depend on the size and structure of your greenhouse, but it is easy to find the perfect match whatever your requirements.


You will find a variety of staging accessories for greenhouses, including RHS staging, classic staging and freestanding staging. Staging is an important component of any greenhouse, no matter what its size, and helps you to organise and present your plants and seedlings.


Greenhouse heaters are important for maintaining the optimum temperature conditions; therefore, the best heaters will have extremely accurate thermostats. This allows you to fully control the temperature and provide the best possible conditions for your plants all year round. Most heaters simply connect directly to your electric supply and are ready to use as soon as you install them.

Louvre vents

Louvre vents are extremely useful in creating circulation of air within your greenhouse and are easy to reposition, allowing you to tailor conditions within your structure to your unique requirements. The best louvre vents are manufactured using toughened safety glass for added peace of mind and feature secure edges to enable you to handle them safely. While louvre vents are a common addition to many greenhouses, they are a particular favourite of gardeners who grow alpine plants.

Seed trays

High-quality seed trays provide ideal conditions for any seedling, cuttings or seeds you wish to cultivate. Look for seed trays specially designed to perfectly fit standard plastic seed trays, as this saves you a great deal of time and hassle.


It goes without saying that ventilation is one of the most important aspects of any greenhouse and anyone who has spent time in a greenhouse on even a relatively mild sunny day will know how quickly these structures heat up. Autovents take care of the job of ventilation for you and automatically open and close depending on the temperature. As autovents are pre-set during manufacture, they do not tend to need any adjustment. This is a great way to ensure your greenhouse receives adequate ventilation in all weathers, with autovents particularly useful for busy greenhouse owners.

Gutter guards

Every greenhouse can benefit from gutter guards. They prevent the build-up of leaves, dirt and other debris in your gutters and ensure rainwater continues to flow. This prevents drainage problems and, by keeping your gutters clean and free of debris, means one less job for you.

Internal blinds

Blinds are vital for keeping your greenhouse in shade, especially during the warm, sunny summer months. Greenhouse blinds are constructed from appropriate and durable materials, making them ideally suited to the conditions they will face. Blinds allow you to easily adjust conditions in your greenhouse depending on the weather or time of day.

While not all greenhouses will need all these accessories, each one is a useful and important addition in its own right. Your exact requirements will depend on your greenhouse’s size, location and style, and the plants and seedlings it is used for.