50-year-olds risking health with DIY efforts

New research from Saga Insurance has found over ten per cent of 50-year-olds have attempted a major DIY project.

Of these, 31 per cent have injured themselves carrying out such a task, with three per cent requiring hospital treatment.

Commenting on the findings, National Home Improvement Council director Andrew Leech explained certain large jobs – such as building a conservatory or pool house – should be left to trained professionals.

He said this was "not only from the point of view of getting the job well done, but also from a safety point of view too".

Mr Leech added painting and decorating was fine, but suggested any major instalments be undertaken by someone with experience.

The Saga survey found less than a quarter (24 per cent) of over 50s have never performed any DIY work, while 47 per cent have received help from a family member.

Meanwhile, one in four had taken Mr Leechs advice and called in a professional in the past.