5 Unique Greenhouse Designs

The right greenhouse can greatly enhance your whole garden as well as help your plants to thrive and flourish, even throughout the harshest of seasonal changes. Differences in design will suit different tastes, spaces and growing needs, but you can feel confident that whichever greenhouse you choose will be an elegant and useful addition to your garden, bringing many hours of happiness and enjoyment.

The Eight is a modular greenhouse which allows for enhanced customisation and flexibility, ensuring that the final product is something that fully meets all of your unique design and growing needs. Every area of the structure is fully optimised, which means that the glass area is fully maximised, resulting in high-quality growing conditions throughout the interior space. This means that all of your precious plants will receive all the light they need to reach their full potential.

Endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society, the Wisley will be a reliable and dependable addition to your garden, as it is an ideal size and height for a variety of spaces and growing needs. The 45-degree roof provides plenty of growing space, with the cedar finials helping to ensure your greenhouse stays warm in the winter and cool throughout the summer months. The Wisley can also be positioned on stylish brickwork instead of cedar shiplap, which means it is adaptable and will fit seamlessly into a variety of garden designs.

Ideal for smaller spaces, the Baby Vinehouse is compact and perfectly formed and proves that you don’t need to have a large garden to be able to have your own greenhouse. At 4ft wide, this is certainly a narrow greenhouse, but it is constructed from the same high-quality materials and easily provides enough benching and shelving inside. It can also be made to any length, which will help to ensure that you will have enough room for all of your growing needs.

The Portico is a stylish greenhouse with a porch positioned in the centre which provides easy access to the interior from the side. The unique design means that this structure will sit impressively at the heart of any garden, and it can be extended in both length and growing capacity if you need a little extra interior space.

The Rosemoor Combi greenhouse comes with an attached cedar shed, which makes this greenhouse one of the most versatile options. The cedar structure provides excellent temperature regulation, with the warmth from the greenhouse easily filtering through into the shed at the back of the structure. The corrugated aluminium shed roof is both hard-wearing and elegant, ensuring that the design flows seamlessly and will make an impressive and practical addition to your garden.

There is truly a greenhouse to suit every space, made from the same high-quality and long-lasting materials that look elegant and provide the maximum amount of usable interior space. The Rosemoor Combi and The Portico provide large amounts of growing space, with the Baby Vinehouse fitting perfectly into the most compact gardens whilst still providing enough space for all of your plants. The Wisley is an ideal size for many growing needs, with the Eight providing all the flexibility you could need if you’re looking for a greenhouse that will fully meet your requirements if you need something a little more specific and personalised.