5 Excellent Greenhouse Ideas

Just about every garden, no matter how small, can reap the benefits that a greenhouse can provide. It can be as simple as erecting your new greenhouse and adding a couple of grow bags but to maximise its potential try the following five ideas.

1 Arrange Your Plants With Care

It’s no good expecting everything you plant to grow and proliferate just because it’s in a greenhouse. The additional warmth and protection from wind and rain that your greenhouse provides will go a long way to helping your plants but you still need to take care over their situation. Some plants thrive in bright sunshine, while others prefer full or partial shade, so take your time in choosing plants and ensure that you provide them with an environment that will allow them to flourish.


2 Add Shelving And Staging

Maximise the available space in your greenhouse with shelves and staging which can hugely increase your growing potential. Make sure that shelves are situated at a comfortable height for you, particularly if you have a potting area. Stooping or stretching will cause discomfort and limit your ability to make the most of your hobby. Carefully thought out shelving will allow you to grow a wider variety of plants thanks to the different areas of light and shade which will be created in your greenhouse.


3 Just Add Water

Part of the pleasure of owning a greenhouse can be the daily ritual of watering plants as it allows you to inspect their progress and bask in the satisfaction of watching the fruits of your labour grow to maturity. Watering the floor of your greenhouse can help to lower the temperature which can be of particular importance during the hottest and sunniest days of the year. However, this can become a chore when it prevents you from spending time away from the house. Relying on a neighbour, friend or relative to spend time every day watering on your behalf is not always convenient, so relieve yourself of the pressure and install a watering system.

4 Don’t Forget A Heater

Just because your greenhouse makes the most of available light and heat, don’t imagine that no further heat is required. Whilst it’s perfectly possible to use your greenhouse without the addition of any extra heating, adding a dedicated heating system appropriate for your size of greenhouse will greatly maximise you’re growing opportunities. Use your greenhouse throughout the year to ensure a steady supply of fruits, vegetables and plants without having to rely on the vagaries of the British weather.

5 Let There Be Light!

Adding an electricity socket to your greenhouse allows you to not only heat the area but also to light it. Whilst the summer months are light enough to enable you to spend time in your greenhouse even late into the evening, without artificial light you will be constrained by the available hours of daylight during the darker winter months. A simple light bulb will allow you to work in your greenhouse whenever it suits you allowing you to make the most of your home-grown plants all year round.