2013’s Garden Pests

The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) has announced its top ten garden pests for 2013, based on enquiries received by the charity’s entomologists.

As in 2012, 2013 saw slugs and snails top the list, with heavy rainfall in 2012 leading to the perfect conditions for breeding.

Slugs and snails mainly appear between spring and autumn, and affect seedlings, fruit and vegetables such as potatoes.

Mice and vole enquiries saw a sharp spike, with numbers hitting a high not seen in 24 years, putting the furry creatures into 4th place. Mice and voles disturb roots and disfigure lawns and also feast on fruit and seedlings.

Vine weevil retain its place at number two in the RHS countdown, and are one of the few garden pests that can actually kill plants, as they lay their larvae in roots.

Full List;

1)      Slugs and snails

2)      Vine weevil

3)      Capsid bugs

4)      Mice and voles

5)      Cushion Scale

6)      Red spider mite

7)      Mealybug

8)      Plum moth

9)      Ants

10)   Lilly beetle