$1m Greenhouse Opens

The USA’s first hospital based greenhouse  has been established and under the care of its resident “hospital farmer” is now producing nutrition based plants for the facilities kitchens.

Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital’s new $1-million hydroponic greenhouse is  housing a wide range of vegetables and herbs — five types of kale, 23 kinds of tomatoes, five varieties of basil, squash, hot and sweet peppers, fresh herbs, microgreens and even strawberry plants.

The magnificent 1,500-square-foot glass structure – paid for by an anonymous donor –  has been  thriving since mid-summer.

Apart from growing for the hospital kitchens, it is designed to educate and inspire patients and visitors to eat more healthily.

As the US state of Michigan has high childhood obesity rates, the adjacent educational centre has exhibitions and activities aimed at school children..

Could such a thing happen in the UK?

Author: Robert Smith