10 great tips for growing in a Gabriel Ash greenhouse

Adding a Gabriel Ash greenhouse to your garden not only gives you the chance to grow a wide variety of plants all year round but also to add an attractive structure to your home. Gabriel Ash’s greenhouses are designed to provide you with everything you need to help your plants thrive, but there are a number of steps that you can take to ensure that your plants remain at their best. Here are ten tips for growing in your greenhouse.

1.    Select the right greenhouse
The many different types of greenhouses on offer give you the chance to explore what is available in order to find something that suits your needs and budget. If you are looking for a design that offers plenty of convenience when it comes to caring for your plants then a lean to greenhouse is a great choice. Lean to designs are attached to a wall and enable easy access to water supplies. A lean to greenhouses will also be provided with plenty of heat due to the location near to your home, enabling you to cut down on energy bills.

2.    Research the plants you are planning to grow
Having the freedom to grow a variety of plants is exciting, but greenhouse growing can be a little daunting if you are new to gardening. The needs of the plants you are planning to grow may vary, so be sure to research your plants beforehand. Start out with plants that are easy to grow and then move onto to more challenging plants. Avoid placing plants with different climatic requirements in the same greenhouse, as this will cause you to experience difficulty maintaining the right humidity levels. If you are a beginner, then start out with tomatoes, lettuce and cress, as these are some of the easiest to grow and a great choice for those wishing to grow their own fruit and vegetables.

3.    Keep your greenhouse well ventilated
During summer, you will need to keep your greenhouse well ventilated. Keeping your greenhouse well ventilated will reduce the risk of problems such as mould and plant disease. Louvre vents are a good choice for those looking for something affordable and stylish. Take steps to ensure that the humidity level in your greenhouse is not too high or too low. A well ventilated greenhouse with the right humidity level will provide your plants with a much healthier atmosphere.

4.    Provide your plants with plenty of shade
Shade, along with ventilation, will help to keep your plants cool and healthy during the summer period.

5.    Water your plants regularly
Keep your plants healthy by providing them with water regularly, especially during summer. Try to water them twice daily, preferably once in the morning and once in the evening.

6.    Keep your greenhouse clean
It is important that you keep your greenhouse free from clutter, as this can reduce the amount of space that your plants have to grow. Organise a thorough annual cleanouts and small regular cleanouts to keep your plants and greenhouse at their best. Any dead plants or debris should be thrown out in order to create a healthier atmosphere within your greenhouse.

7.    Keep pests under control
One of the main problems encountered when greenhouse growing is pests. If not kept at bay, pests will harm your plants and prevent them from growing successfully. Use safe methods of pest removal in order to avoid damaging your plants with harmful chemicals. Sticky traps or organic pest sprays will help to keep pest at bay without causing damage to your plants.

8.    Carry out any necessary greenhouse maintenance
The amount of maintenance required to keep your greenhouse at its best will depend on the type of structure you have. Cheaper wood designs will require a re-paint and will need preserving in order to prevent the wood from rotting. Cedar wood designs are ideal as the wood is rot-resistant. Ensuring that your greenhouse is kept at its best will provide a healthier atmosphere for your pants and will keep your garden looking great.

9.    Care for your plants
In order to thrive, your plants will require just the right amount of care. This includes methods such as potting, cutting, pruning and keeping the roots fresh. Keep the leaves of your plants free of dust or dirt and always make sure that the humidity level within your greenhouse is right for the type of plant you are growing.

10.    Be prepared to make a commitment to greenhouse growing
In order to be successful when greenhouse growing, you will need to have plenty of time, be committed to your plants and have plenty of patience. You will need to fit your greenhouse duties into your busy lifestyle in order to provide your plants with the right amount of care. Greenhouse growing is often challenging, but with the right amount of care and patience, you can successfully grow a wide variety of plants and enjoy the results.

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