Gabriel Ash - Vinehouse Eight

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The Vinehouse Eight

Our most popular size of vinehouse. This is our standard l0ft model with one pane less on each of the gable ends (our panes are all almost exactly 2ft wide on our classic range of greenhouses). At this width you could grow from a bed (raised or otherwise) along the wall as well as having full width greenhouse staging and shelving along the open side. You could naturally place your vinehouse on a low wall which may match your existing bricks, giving an air of permanence.

Vinehouses have the advantage of not requiring such a high wall on which to lean, for this reason these are the choice of many who wish to allow a glasshouse to go up to the wall of their home and yet still go under the eaves which could be a problem particularly on a modern bungalow. We also produce a Vinehouse as part of our RHS Collection of greenhouses. When purchasing a greenhouse like this we will contact you to confirm at which end of the greenhouse you want the door and also to clarify the downpipe positions. If you would like more information about the Vinehouse 8 please contact us via email or call 01829 271890.

Gabriel Ash - Vinehouse Eight Blueprint

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