Classic Grand Grow and Store

The Grand Grow & Store is a larger version of our popular half shed half greenhouse structure. At 13ft wide and 12ft in length the structure offers;

  • A growing space of around 6ft by 12ft; big enough to house a side of staging and shelving, and grow an ample amount of plants and crops.
  • A storage space of around 7ft by 12ft. Large enough to store all of your gardening tools and essentials, or like our client testimonial below, a convenient location to protect your garden furniture without cluttering up your home.

The greenhouse is glazed in toughened safety glass, and the shed is entirely constructed of the finest western red cedar with a powder coated aluminium roof to keep the shed section watertight.

As with all of our structures the Grand Grow and Store can be extended to any length necessary, with the option of adding extra ventilation, cedar boarding, or even additional doors, some example of which can be seen in our photo gallery. Panels can be extended from a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 10.

For more information, please email or call 01242 662926.

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