The RHS Harlow Carr Planthouse

Regular price from £28,810.88

The main advantages of choosing an RHS Planthouse model is the additional eaves height and the double hinged doors being in the curtain wall (long side) of the greenhouse. 

The RHS Harlow Carr Planthouse has a width of 11 ½’ and the length starts at 16 ½’. Panels can be extended from a minimum of 13 (16 ½’) to a maximum of 15 (19’).

With an increased eaves height of 6 ½’ and increased height the structure can be used for more exotic plants such as banana plants or fruit trees.

The structure comes with Cedar panels at the bottom level as standard however can be built with a low dwarf wall if preferred.

If you would like to discuss the RHS Harlow Carr Planthouse further, please call us on 01242 662926.

Alternatively, we will happily send you our greenhouse brochure.

**Prices seen here are applicable to UK residents only.

We have many Gabriel Ash distributors who are based outside of the UK and will be more than happy to assist you with your Gabriel Ash enquiry. Please refer to the Gabriel Ash exporters page for more information.


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