Cedar Paneled Planthouse
Cedar Panelled Planthouse
Cedar Panelled Planthouse
Cedar Panelled Planthouse

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Cedar Panelled Planthouse

Rather then a standard low brick wall to house your Planthouse, you may wish to choose a Cedar panelled bottom.

This option has several benefits including;

  • You do not need to have the greenhouse wall built (which can be costly and sometimes hard to find someone that can undertake the work)
  • Aesthetically, it gives the structure a look more in keeping with our RHS range of greenhouses which you may prefer for it's timeless design.
  • The cedar panelling retains heat at an average of 3 degrees warmer than aluminium structures, offering a warmer environment for more vulnerable plants

As with our standard Planthouses, the greater cubic capacity created by the elevated roof also ensures that the air temperature within this greenhouse is at its most even, avoiding the wider (and wilder) fluctuations of smaller and metal structures. 

We also offer free, no obligation site visits as part of our efforts to provide you with great customer care. If you would like more information about this option, or to receive a quote, please email enquiries@gabrielash.com or call 01829 271890.

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