RHS Lean-to

RHS Lean-to

The generous 45 degree pitch of the RHS range coupled with the heat sink that the connecting wall provides, makes the RHS Lean-to greenhouse the perfect sun trap, whilst allowing a healthy air circulation throughout. 

With cedar cladding along the bottom as standard amongst our RHS range, there is around 30% more cedar used then in our Classic range. This gives the range it's stylish Victorian image, as well as providing the warmth needed to grow exotic plants and vines. Of course if you prefer, you can always site your lean to on a dwarf wall, perhaps made of the same brick as the connecting wall, giving the structure an air of permanence. 

You will need a high wall at the rear preferably south facing and as with the Vinehouse range they are suitable for peach trees, climbing plants and many shade loving plants.

One big advantage of the lean-to greenhouse is that you can connect it to your home by means of a communicating door. We also produce a selection of lean-tos in our Classic Planthouse range.

If you would like more information about the RHS Lean-to greenhouse please contact enquiries@gabrielash.com or call 01829 271888.

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