Louvre Vent

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Our louvre vents have been designed to easily replace any rectangular glass pane of our Classic or RHS greenhouses.

Our customers usually choose to place their louvre at the plain end of the greenhouse opposite the door, creating a good through draft. The advantage of our system of replacing a glass pane allows the louvre vent to be easily repositioned with minimal effort.

Gardening safety is a priority at Gabriel Ash, so the louvre vent has four blades of toughened safety glass, the edges of which are polished for safe handling.

The Louvre Vents are a popular choice for those who favour growing alpines in their greenhouse. Please select from the drop down menu if you are purchasing for a Classic or RHS greenhouse.

*As everything is made to order, delivery of all our accessories will take place up to 6 weeks after order confirmation. This could be sooner depending on the status of our production schedule at the time of ordering.

**Prices seen here are applicable to UK residents only.

We have many Gabriel Ash distributors who are based outside of the UK and will be more than happy to assist you with your Gabriel Ash enquiry. Please refer to the Gabriel Ash international distributors for more information.

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