Ridge Autovents

Regular price £50.00

These greenhouse autovents have been designed specifically to work with our unique full length ridge ventilation in our greenhouse range. They require no electricity to operate relying simply on the contraction and expansion of wax to open and close the greenhouse vents. The energy from the warmth of the sun and the surrounding air temperature causes the wax to expand which in turn opens the greenhouse vents. Similarly as the greenhouse cools the wax contracts and vents close. A very convenient greenhouse accessory that will ensure your greenhouse is well ventilated without your having to manually open and close the vents. The autovents are an extremely useful greenhouse accessory since they not only assist in keeping the greenhouse cool but also help to keep it well ventilated.

All our greenhouses have these fitted to the ridge vents as standard. The autovents will operate efficiently for a number of years but, like any moving part, will need replacing over the extensive life of the greenhouse. Such an important greenhouse accessory is held in stock and are simple to replace.

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