8 x 10 Greenhouse Heater

Regular price £255.00

The phoenix greenhouse heater is powerful enough to heat an eight by ten greenhouse and has numerous features including;

  • A spray waterproof robust stainless steel case
  • 53 Watt quietly running fan
  • Can be either floor mounted as standard or hung from the apex of the greenhouse using the hanging chains provided - Gardeners should be advised that the greenhouse heater weighs 5 kilos if considering hanging it from the greenhouse rafters – This will not be a problem if you have a Gabriel ash greenhouse.
  • Three power output options of 1.0 kW, 1,8 kW or 2.8 kW.
  • An accurate thermostat which ranges between 0 – 40 degrees Celsius.
  • The greenhouse heater also doubles as a fan which can be used for cooling purposes in the summer.

This greenhouse heater comes with a three year warranty, giving you extra security in your purchase.

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