Youth group feeding local community through gardening

With rising food and fuel prices hitting their community, a team of kids from the north-east have decided to get out into the greenhouse and garden and get growing to help produce food for local people.

As part of Boldon Youth Project, youngsters have become organic gardeners and have been donating the fruits (and vegetables) of their labour to local community groups, according to the Shields Gazette.

With a repertoire of potatoes, onions, cucumbers, beetroot, strawberries and eggs, the youngsters have proven popular with their benefactors.

Neighbourhood management initiative manager Maria Anderson told the newspaper that the children have enjoyed the education they receive on the project.

"The group has been having great fun picking the produce and tending to the chickens and, in the process, they have learned a great deal about horticulture."

The hope is that the project continues to grow food for local groups and the ambitious team are already planning to expand into peppers, sweetcorn, tomatoes and lettuces in future.

With winter approaching, perhaps the best place to grow your own food is the greenhouse.