Youngsters Re-enact WW1 Battles in Garden

Two boys, whose great grandfather fought in the first major offensive of the Frist World War in Mons, have honoured his memory by recreating a miniature version of the Western Front in their back garden.

Ethan and Reuben Harvey from Norwich built a miniature battlefield which included a trench, a look-out tower, fake tank traps and a sentry box.

Ethan, 14, said;

“We’ve always had an interest in military history and we thought with the centenary coming up, it was important to mark it in some way. We’ve lined the trench with sandbags and we’ve tried to keep it as authentic as possible. We wanted to commemorate what happened 100 years ago as tribute to those who made the sacrifice.”

Additionally, the boys have erected a memorial to those who gave their lives, planting poppies around to honour their memories.


Image courtesy of AOL