Yorkshire school to grow its own

A Yorkshire school is to establish its own organic garden and mini-orchard with the aim of incorporating the produce into school meals, according to the Whitby Gazette.

Ruswarp School run a scheme called the Gardening Know How Club in conjunction with a local gardener, who has helped pupils start to grow pear and apple trees.

Ian Purve started the ball rolling by donating two trees, before a local supermarket responded to pupils requests and donated a raspberry bush and plum and pear trees.

The scheme fits in nicely with the Yorkshire Fruit into Yorkshire Schools project, which aims to make sure school food is sourced from local suppliers.

The school also scooped a prize at last years Yorkshire in Bloom and is recognised as one of the 9,000 Eco-Schools in the UK.

There is a definite trend as more and more schools look to get children interested in gardening, especially where growing your own food is concerned.

With a bit of luck, pupils up and down the country will be out in their parents gardens and greenhouses in no time, carrying on the skills and knowledge of a great and useful pastime.