World Vision urges people to show off their best veg

People thinking of investing in a greenhouse may be looking to enter international aid agency World Vision’s Growing for Change competition, which is aiming to raise awareness about child malnutrition in Bolivia.

Gardeners in the UK have until the end of September to photograph their best homegrown vegetables and upload them to the World Vision website to be judged.

The ten best vegetables will be judged by expert growers in Bolivia with the winner receiving £500 worth of gardening tools and a further £500 will be donated to a World Vision nutrition project.

Spokesperson for World Vision UK Chris Weeks said that Bolivia’s difficult conditions for growing mean malnutrition can lead to lifelong medical conditions in its inhabitants.

“Our Growing for Change vegetable contest is a bit of fun, with the serious aim of showing families in Bolivia that we care – and that we’ll fight to end generations of child malnutrition,” he told Dunstable Today.

Tropical sun, freezing winds and flash floods often mean that common vegetables fail to survive in Bolivia but a new greenhouse project by World Vision has allowed many locals to maintain vegetables in their own greenhouses.

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