Winter horticulture tips from Cleveland Botanical Garden

Despite the fact that Christmas time is fast approaching, garden and greenhouse enthusiasts have been told that they can still perform some autumn duties before the ground becomes frozen solid.

Cleveland Botanical Garden plant collections curator Ann McCulloh told that spring-flowering bulbs can still be planted until mid-December in areas that have not been experiencing sub-zero temperatures yet.

The expert advised those who have recently planted an evergreen such as rhododendron or hemlock to ensure they are well hydrated to help them bed in before the frosts and snows arrive.

When the colder weather does start to show itself, garden hoses should be disconnected and drained before storing to ensure they do not burst through freezing water inside.

Furthermore, the supply to outdoor taps should be cut off to ensure they are not damaged by freezing.

"If you are planning to plant a live holiday tree after the holidays, dig a hole now before the ground freezes or snow falls," Ms McCulloh added.

Attractions at Cleveland Botanical Garden include the Hershey childrens area and the Japanese Garden.