Winter gardening tips from Ken Crowther

With November approaching, those gardeners who have not already done so should consider taking some pre-winter steps to protect and improve their garden over the colder months.

Taking any warm weather plants under glass – either into the greenhouse or conservatory – is advisable, while the BBC recommends getting down to the garden centre to add some winter colour to the garden.

Nerines should just be beginning to flower, while Eleagnus ebbingei will often produce small, fragrant petals at this time of year.

"Its a great time to make up planted containers," says BBC Essex Gardening presenter Ken Crowther on the BBC site.

"The first point to remember is that very few plants will actually grow during the winter months, so to ensure your containers look spectacular they need to be planted so they look full from the start.

"This might mean over planting, and in time some of the plants may need to be removed to give the rest enough room to grow.

He goes on to say that one large specimen plant may suffice, with any gaps filled by winter and spring bedding plants.

Done properly, this will have the garden looking wonderfully colourful over the winter period.