Winter care for your Greenhouse

Adding a greenhouse to your garden enables you to extend the growing season and enjoy all the benefits of growing your own fruit and vegetables.
Gabriel Ash offers a selection of greenhouses designed to not only keep your plants at their best but also keep your garden looking attractive.
During winter, your greenhouse will require some maintenance to ensure that it is kept in good condition.

One of the first tasks to carry out in your greenhouse for the winter is to remove any soil bags, dead plants or any items that you no longer need.
As your greenhouse plants will need as much light as possible during the winter period, you will also need to make sure that your greenhouse glass is kept clean. Remove any dirt or stains from the glass and replace any glass panels that are cracked or smashed.

During winter, it is important to remember that although your plants will be protected from frost or other severe weather conditions, they will still need to be provided with the right conditions.
Consider adding extra heating or lighting to your greenhouse.
To ensure that the conditions within your greenhouse are suitable for your plants, consider installing a thermometer so that you can monitor the temperature and humidity levels.

If you wish to cut down on the cost of having extra heating in your greenhouse, then you can use other methods to insulate your greenhouse, such as adding bubble wrap. If you do opt for heaters, then check them regularly to ensure that they are working efficiently.

To provide your plants with extra protection, you could consider adding a set of cold frames to your greenhouse.

Gabriel Ash offers a selection of cold frames that are not only durable but will compliment your greenhouse perfectly. There are a number of designs available, enabling you to select a set of cold frames that meet your requirements.

During winter, pests such as aphids and spider mites will seek shelter in your greenhouse, resulting in problems with infestations.
There are a number of pesticides available that will enable you to keep pests at bay. When selecting sprays to control pests or diseases, always select organic sprays to keep your plants and greenhouse healthy, as some chemical sprays can be harmful.
You can also use methods such as water sprays or sticky traps to keep pests at bay. Methods such as these will help you to keep your plants free of pests without you having to resort to chemical sprays.

In addition to providing the right atmosphere in your greenhouse for your plants, you will also need to keep it organised during winter. As the frost hits, you will need to make sure that all your garden tools are stored safely away in your greenhouse.
However, you should avoid cluttering your greenhouse. Store larger tools in a shed or other storage area and keep the tools that you will need for your winter plants, such as watering cans, seed trays or pots, in a suitable place within your greenhouse.

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