Why is it so important to keep your greenhouse ventilated

Owning a greenhouse enables you to grow a selection of plants all year round.
A greenhouse offers many advantages for gardeners. However, in order to be successful with greenhouse growing, you will need to keep your greenhouse well ventilated.
Ventilation is an important aspect of greenhouse growing and will increase your chances of producing healthy plants.

Greenhouse ventilation is required for the following reasons:

* Provides good air circulation, which is essential for germination and plant growth.

* Reduces the risk of problems such as plant diseases.

* Helps to control the temperature and humidity levels within your greenhouse, so that the atmosphere is kept healthy for your plants.

* Reduces the risk of pest infestations.

* Helps to reduce the risk of rot and damp and will keep designs that are susceptible to mould, such as wood greenhouses, in good condition.

Ventilation is particularly important during the summer, when your greenhouse is more likely to become overheated.
Whilst some plants may be suited to warmer conditions, you will still need to provide sufficient ventilation to keep the atmosphere within your greenhouse healthy.
Higher humidity levels will increase the risk of problems such as damp and mould, which will not only cause bacteria but also could damage your greenhouse.

There are many types of ventilation systems available.
Gabriel Ash offers autovents and louvre vents to help you ventilate your greenhouse. Louvre vents are ideal for wooden greenhouses and can easily be fixed onto your greenhouse.
Gabriel Ash’s louvre vents offer toughened safety glass and are particularly ideal for those wishing to grow alpines in their greenhouse.

In addition to adding ventilation, there are other accessories available that will enable you to keep the temperature and humidity levels suitable for your plants. A temperature gauge is an essential item for a greenhouse, as it will help to reduce the risk of unhealthy temperatures and humidity levels within your greenhouse.

When growing a selection of plants, it is important that you are aware of their needs. Some plants will require higher humidity levels than others, so you may wish to avoid placing plants with different needs in the same greenhouse. Research any plants that you are planning to grow, as this will enable you to familiarise yourself with their needs.

It is important to remember that in addition to ventilation, your plants may also have other needs, such as extra heating or lighting. There are heaters available that offer built in thermostats and shut-off gauges that will enable you to keep the temperature at a suitable level in your greenhouse.

By making sure that your greenhouse is well ventilated, you can increase your chances of successfully growing a selection of plants. A well ventilated greenhouse will not only help to produce better plants but will also increase the longevity of the actual structure. Some types of greenhouses, such as cedar greenhouses, are particularly beneficial, as they are rot resistant and provide a much longer-lasting structure.

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