What you should know about Greenhouse Bases

Whenever people hear of the words greenhouse base, they often misconstrue what a greenhouse base truly is. The base of the greenhouse is not in all means the floor, like most may believe. The base is actually opposed to the actual foundation of the greenhouse. The foundation is what term is used to describe the floor of your greenhouse.

Many would describe the base of the greenhouse as a stand where the greenhouse sits. This stand is what allows your greenhouse to sit upright and not lean from side to side. The foundation of the greenhouse is simply what makes up the floor, the starting point of the greenhouse. The base of the greenhouse in most cases is a lot more complex then the foundation.

The base of the greenhouse normally sits about five feet tall. The base inadvertently is what is used to raise the greenhouse to an optimum level. The greenhouse should not be equal with the underlying ground.

With raising the greenhouse to this level, you will create a step. This step will be used to walk into the greenhouse and allows the edge of the greenhouse to stand securely in all weathers – especially important with the harsh British weather.
Do not assume that because you have a firm foundation, that a base is not needed. A base is needed in most cases. The good news about bases however is you can easily build your own out of bricks.

Building your greenhouse base out of bricks allows the greenhouse to be more solid, no one wants a greenhouse that sways from side to side with the slightest wind breeze.

It is imperative that you assure that your greenhouse base is solid. Some people choose to have their bases built out of bricks, while others go for a more conventional approach, which is to use wood. Whatever approach that you decide to take with your greenhouse, you must assure that the base is constructed in the correct manner.

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