What is a freestanding greenhouse

A freestanding greenhouse is the perfect solution for those wishing to enjoy their gardening hobby all year round. Gabriel Ash offers freestanding greenhouses in a wide range of different sizes, enabling you to select something that will suit your needs and compliment your garden perfectly.

Here are the main features of a freestanding greenhouse:

  • Curved roof. Freestanding greenhouses usually have a curved or peaked roof. This type of structure offers plenty of space, which means that you can add extra features such as staging, shelving or consider adding a set of cold frames. Some types of freestanding greenhouses, such as the RHS Rosemoor freestanding greenhouse, are designed to accommodate a set of cold frames.
  • Offer plenty of sunlight. As a freestanding greenhouse is not attached to a wall, the structure can be placed in a position where it has access to plenty of sunlight. Whilst this can be beneficial for your plants, it means that freestanding structures will also need plenty of ventilation in summer. You may also need to add extra heating in the winter to protect your plants from frost. Freestanding structures are further away from water or electricity points, so you may need to add extra plumbing and other features to make your freestanding greenhouse suitable for your plants.
  • Ideal for a wide range of plants. As a freestanding greenhouse lets in plenty of light, it means that the structure is suitable for a wide variety of plants, particularly warm season vegetables and desert type plants such as cacti. However, you may wish to add heating or cooling systems to your freestanding greenhouse as required, so that you can provide the right atmosphere for your plants.
  • Available in cedar designs. There are freestanding structures that are built with cedar wood to provide you with a wide range of benefits. Cedar wood offers many advantages, the main ones being that it is rot resistant and repels insects. Cedar is also a natural insulator, which means that your freestanding greenhouse will stay much warmer in the winter.
  • Available in a wide range of sizes. Freestanding greenhouses are available in many sizes, so you can easily select a structure that can accommodate your plants and fit your garden perfectly. Some freestanding designs can be built with brickwork and offer just enough space to add extra features around them in your garden, such as ponds or ornaments.

A freestanding greenhouse is the perfect choice for those wishing to select something that offers plenty of space and enables them to grow a selection of plants all year round. By opting for a freestanding greenhouse, you are not only provided with a structure that enables you to grow a variety of plants but also one that will enhance the look of your garden.


Alan Jackson

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