What Do Greenhouses Do To Help Plants Grow

If you have been gardening for a while, you will know that plants have a limited growing season. You will most likely have wished that you could extend that period. Of course, this is possible if you plant your plants in a greenhouse. It gives you an opportunity to grow plants that would not normally thrive in your climate, and it can extend the fruit production and plant growth.

What Is a Greenhouse?

This is a structure made out of glass or plastic panels that allows light to penetrate and heat up the greenhouse by creating a warmer temperature and protecting your plants from the cold.

What Do Greenhouses Do To Help Plants Grow

Why Do Plants Grow Better in a Greenhouse?

A plant needs six hours of sunlight to grow optimally, and a greenhouse placed in a sunny spot can provide that. Plants are very sensitive to temperature fluctuation. Extreme changes that are experienced outside can stunt your plants’ growth or even kill them. The more controlled environment of a greenhouse can prevent that. For the best possible results you can even control the indoor temperature by installing a temperature control and timer. In colder climates, greenhouses rely heavily on indoor heating. During hot summer days, your greenhouse can get very hot and the temperatures might be more than your plants can handle. Ventilation is very important and can be achieved through the installation of fans or even just leaving the door open on very hot days.

Once you have light and warm temperatures, you need to add air, water and nutrients to give your plants the optimum conditions to grow in. As we all know, water is essential to not only the roots but also to the leaves of the plants. Adequate humidity aids foliage transpiration. For consistency you might want to use a watering system or capillary matting.

What Do Greenhouses Do To Help Plants Grow

The other element that you have better control over is the soil. Greenhouse plants are often potted in soil provided by yourself. It can be cleared of fungi, bacteria and pests from the onset and thus give your plants a chance to grow without the danger of disease of pests.

Plants use energy from sunlight to transform carbon dioxide and water into oxygen and carbohydrates. This is a process called photosynthesis and can only happen during the day. In a greenhouse these gases are more concentrated and can expedite the process, which leads to more growth.

Which Greenhouse to Choose?

Ultimately, your choice of greenhouse will be governed by your available space and budget. Other considerations will be the kinds of plants that you want to grow. Greenhouses are not exclusively for vegetable growers. They are widely loved by those trying to cultivate orchids, decorative plants and a selection of herbs. Regardless of your choice of plants, you will most certainly reap the benefits of investing in a greenhouse.