Wet weather causes slug problems

The wet weather has led to fruit and vegetable farmers issuing a warning over slugs. The population of slugs is expected to double this year due to the perfect breeding conditions provided by the mild winter conditions earlier this year and the heavy rainfall in spring and early summer.

The pests are not only causing problems for farmers but have also been causing damage in domestic gardens.

Peter Brownless, a horticulturist and nursery supervisor at the Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh, said that warm, sunny weather is needed to reduce problems with slugs.

“Slugs have been particularly prevalent this year,” he said.

“We have all different types of environment at the gardens and have a slug that fits every one of those. The big grey ones live in the rock garden and are eating the alpines.

“Our dahlias have been well chewed and the tulips outside the palm house got badly attacked. Our hostas and delphiniums have been quite well eaten.

 “They are causing quite a lot of damage. We really need a lot of dry, warm, sunny weather to get rid of them.”