Wet summer could lead to floriferous autumn

The wet weather of June and July could lead to plants thriving in autumn, according to BB4 Radio 4 Gardeners’ Question Time panellist, Chris Beardshaw. He added that many plants have benefited from the heavy rain.

Mr Beardshaw, who is also an ambassador of Cheshire’s Garden of Distinction and an exhibitor at the recent RHS Tatton Park show, said: “The good news is that there’s a lot of trees and shrubs and hedges which have benefited from the deluge.

“Trees that had struggled with several dry springs and winters were starting to yellow early and suffer dieback in the crown and stunted growth. Now, they are very lush and there’s plenty of growth.

“I’ve got acers and limes in the garden that have put on more growth this year than I’ve ever seen. Deep-rooted, woody and resilient specimens that are used to the temperature variations that we’ve had will do well.”

Mr Beardshaw added that trunks will be receiving water-soluble nutrients but said that gardeners will still need to feed lawns.