Western Red Cedar growing too well

The hard-wearing Western Red Cedar wood that Gabriel Ash uses for its greenhouse frames is in popular demand and is famed for its durability.   Usually found in the forests of North America, it was recently reported that there are some UK specimens that are growing a little too well.

Some particularly large trees have been creating subsidence at the rectory in Ledbury, causing damage to the building, the garage and the drains.

These evergreen coniferous trees appear like overgrown Christmas trees, but thrive in damp conditions and suck the moisture from the soil.

Now local councillors are demanding that the trees in the rectory grounds are felled, even though the rector considers the damage to be “only a few cracks”.

Planning permission for the felling is awaited from Herefordshire Council as the trees are in the Ledbury Conservation area.

Gabriel Ash’s Robin Parker said: “If the trees have to be felled, I am sure we would love to source some more local wood.”


Author: Robert Smith

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