Welsh gardeners efforts finally bear unlikely fruit

A barber from Wales has become one of the first people in the UK to grow bananas outdoors in the UK.

While bananas tend to grow best under glass in a greenhouse, the superbly named Michael Michael has managed to take advantage of global warmings effects on the British climate and grown the fruit outside.

Mr Michael managed to get his banana tree to bear fruit this year for the first time, despite growing the exotic plants in his garden for years, according to Wales Online.

He explained that the banana plants arent the only thing in his garden that shouldnt be growing in the British climate.

"Its proof climate change has come to Fairwater," he told the website.

"Ive got all kinds of exotic plants – figs and tons of grapes that I let the birds eat. Ive got some Himalayan banana plants as well.

"Ive got some Americana cacti that are huge. They arent meant to grow in our weather either."

While Mr Michaels achievements are indeed impressive, the vast majority of UK gardeners are unlikely to have the same success.

Growing bananas in the greenhouse is much likelier to provide the results you are after.