Weeds can be put to good use

Many organic gardeners may still be waiting for the bulk of their harvest this year, but weeds can be used to supplement what is ready, it has been suggested.

Writing for Kitchen Garden magazine, Lonnie and Richard Morris highlight that the dandelion leaves could be added to a plate of salad as an extra touch or a meal including spinach.

Meanwhile, it is also suggested that dandelion beer could be made as a "refreshing spring treat" using those that have grown quicker in the garden.

It is stated: "Dandelion beer is both easy and uses the whole plant (including the root – which, if you were making dandelion coffee, youd have to leave until autumn)."

Dandelion coffee is a herbal drink made from the root of the plant and once they have been harvested, the root is dried, shopped and roasted before being ground into granules.

Drinking dandelion coffee is also thought to have health benefits as it is noted as being beneficial to the liver.