Website notes trend for grow your own

A trend for growing your own food has emerged recently, according to an article on a Columbia website.

The story explained garden and greenhouse lovers are putting their skills to use and growing fresh produce to help feed their families.

It cited an increase in sales of fruit and vegetable products at Case Plants, with manager Rob Taylor explaining the financial downturn had coincided with a rise in sales of grow your own seeds, plants and equipment.

"Were selling a full array of vegetables right now," he said.

"People are looking for squash, eggplant, cucumber – you name it, people are looking for it."

Mr Taylor went on to explain people growing things like basil can save a small fortune over grocery store prices.

He added gardening has become a "family thing" and said it should be treated as a labour of love, rather than just labour.

Meanwhile, gardeners may be interested to hear the UKs Royal Horticultural Society is holding its renowned Chelsea Flower Show in London this week.