Warm up with a water feature this winter

Around this time of year, gardeners are enjoying the summer bloom and taking advantage of the long days.

But its worth looking forward to winter by planning early to take full enjoyment from the gardening experience.

A glasshouse can allow gardeners to practice their craft all year round, giving a warm, sheltered place to prepare plants for the milder months outdoors, or simply as a winter garden.

A tropical water feature under glass with plants to match can help make a glasshouse feel a little more exotic.

Avid water gardeners can use an indoor water feature to preserve and grow aquatic plants in preparation for transport to the pond in summer.

Investing in greenhouse heaters can also help growing more unusual specimens during the winter, while giving the place a warm, inviting temperature during the colder months.

A heated bespoke cedar glasshouse can offer the ideal environment for a winter water feature, as it is able to withstand even the hardiest of winters.