Walk-in fruit cages may be best for deterring birds

Individuals struggling to avoid the fruit they are growing in their gardens being eaten by birds before they have ripened have been offered some advice by the Daily Telegraph.

Writing for the publication, Francine Raymond has highlighted how she was recently left annoyed to find her blackcurrant bush stripped of all its fruit.

She has now turned to a range of strategies in order to protect her crops, including net tunnels, fleeces and a bird scarer.

However, Ms Raymond feels that although it may be a more costly investment, a walk-in fruit cage may prove the best approach.

She highlighted through the news provider: "The ideal solution is a walk-in fruit cage, where all your precious soft fruit can grow unhindered.

"But this is quite an investment, both in space and money; and contrarily, I worry that garden birds can become trapped."

Meanwhile, gardeners may want to ensure that weeds are kept under control around the base of fruit trees and avoid that trees are well watered.