Vegetable seeds could outsell flowers

The volume of vegetable seeds being sold is soaring as people increasingly embrace the opportunity to grow their own food.

So claims Country Life, which believes that higher supermarket costs associated with vegetables are among the reasons that people are turning instead to their gardens and greenhouses.

It estimates that the prices of shop-bought lettuces have increased by 17 per cent – causing seed sales to soar by as much as 60 per cent over last spring.

Tim Rumball, editor of Amateur Gardener, said: "People now realise that you dont need a huge garden to grow your own – you can supply yourself with veg from just a few pots on a patio."

Meanwhile, the Guardian has reported that vegetable gardening is shaking off its image as an occupation of interest only to "eco-eccentrics" and "crumbly old allotment holders".

It claims that many suppliers are reporting stronger sales for vegetable seeds than for flower seeds.