Vegetable growing increases in popularity

An increasing number of horticulturalists are doing away with their flower beds to replace them with vegetable patches, it has been claimed.

John Vidal, environment editor at the Guardian, makes his comments in the publication, noting that Britons are becoming some of Europes most prolific vegetable producers.

Tom Sharples, technical manager of seed distribution firm Suttons, tells the resource that the split between flower and vegetable seeds was 60:40 in favour of the former and that it had switched to 60:40 in favour of vegetables by last year.

He adds: "There has been a pattern building for a few years now. The growth in vegetable seeds used to be related to health concerns, especially about chemicals. Its shifting.

"Now its care for the environment generally and people wanting to take control back of what they eat."

Meanwhile, the Observer recently featured an article which noted that location is one of most important considerations when siting a vegetable plot to ensure the produce gets adequate sun.